Nisadya Social Initiative

Nisadya Social Initiative (NSI) is our commitment towards society. We intend to lead by example, take up a social cause or solve a real life problem prevalent in the society which requires technical expertise. This is a continuous initiative throughout the year aligned with our persisting commitment to the society.

The first activity as part of NSI was a blood donation drive organised in November 2019 in association with Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Tiruchirappalli and NITT Hospital. Aimed at lending a helping hand to the poor especially the dengue positive patients for whom platelet transfusion may be warranted. The drive was inaugurated by the Director of NIT-Tiruchirappalli, who shed light on the need of such initiatives by today’s youth. The drive was a huge success with donors including students, faculty members, non-teaching staff and residents of NITT. A Certificate of Recognition issued by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu was given to all donors.

"Sometimes when we set out to help others, the experience ends up helping us in turn". As a first step in catering to a social cause, the team reached out to two villages near NIT Tiruchirappalli in March 2020. Interacting with the people from the village about their problems made us realize there is so much we could do for them. A survey was taken and their responses were collected. Initiatives have been planned to address some of their disturbing problems. Also, meeting the kids in the village school took us back to our childhood. The team enjoyed playing games with them and watching them embrace the smallest joys of life.​


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