Sankalp is the flagship event of Nisadya, exclusively for budding entrepreneurs, to nurture and sustain the spirit of entrepreneurship.


Do you have an idea of how to adapt and thrive in these uncertain times?! 

As a  young entrepreneur, do you want to turn your idea into a successful business venture to make the world a better place? You are well aware of mankind's constant struggle to achieve something better.  What ideas can you put forth to help them battle their challenges?

Think about today's problems and create solutions for tomorrow.

Sankalp provides a platform for budding entrepreneurs to come up with their best business ideas and compete for attractive cash prizes.

It's a wonderful opportunity to network with investors and fellow participants via an exclusive virtual networking session.

Sankalp has piqued the interest of a large number of students and aspiring entrepreneurs across India.


At the very first edition of Sankalp, Nisadya 2019, the winning team registered a  private limited company and  filed for  a  patent  after participating in the event!

Contact :

Aravind Ajith: 8547887478




Nisadya 2020


Aubin Mundol - 95678 88881
Karthik M- 88255 48380



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